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dailysass2Life as a post-graduate certainly has it’s ups and downs. Yea you may have a real job now, a grown up apartment, and a real 21 ID, but who doesn’t miss being able to make your schedule so you never have to wake up before 11 am? That does not fly in the real world.

Keg stands and walk of shames are also no longer acceptable in the real world. Although it is pretty typical for a college student to go to the caf or class in their club clothes from the night before, I learned fast that this is not appropriate at the work place.

You mean, my smudged black eyeliner, sex hair, liquid leggings, and fur vest aren’t considered business casual?

What really annoys me is all the discounts you get when you’re a student. I understand the whole senior citizen thing, yea you have been around for a long time and you aren’t making money anymore so we will cut you some slack. But why do students get the same treatment?! They don’t have bills. They are still on their parent’s insurance. They don’t have any real responsibilities. And they can get away with wearing almost anything to class, including a pair of 20 dollar sweatpants.

Work clothes are way more expensive. Us YUPpies totally deserve the whole student discount thing way more. That being said, I have taken matters into my own hands.

Use this code: 09689386509385584938

to save 20% off when you shop online at TOPSHOP.

Happy Monday!

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